a new age of curatorial discourse activating contemporary art practices & diverse spaces in Athens & other locations around the world as these form through new emergencies, policies & conflicts.

immerse into a sub-universe surveying the palpable tensions of nowness

artefact athens

a nomadic approach to contemporary art exhibition formulas

artefact athens traces, identifies and unfolds notions of conscious and counter-conscious abilities for the collective understanding and criticising past, present and future realities. Focusing on aspects of site-specific and context-responsive anthropocentric narratives, artefact athens embraces the practice of artists from all over the world and invites them to partake and participate in unique projects across [un]known territories and multi-sensorial emotional journeys. Pushing the boundaries and challenging the perception of time and space as we know them, artists and other collaborators will seek to reflect on the multifactorial fragility of our existence and the polyvocal changeability of the human condition.

trails of memories | paphos european capital of culture | cyprus | 2017

UPCOMING EXHIBITION: reality check chapter II: inner sanctum | Psychiatric Hospital of Attica | Dafni | Athens | Greece | 36 artists | 2022 | curated by Kostas Prapoglou

OPEN UNTIL 13 NOVEMBER 2022 ///  map  ///  facebook eventPOSTER REALITY CHECK

shifting identities –a tale of dissolving narratives | Hadjigeorgakis Kornesios Mansion | Lefkosia | Cyprus | 6 artists | 2022


reality check | dafni psychiatric hospital | 34 artists | athens | 2021

+9 | iera odos | 16 artists | athens | 2019

[un]known destinations chapter III: reconnection —a second chance | 29 artists | 5 venues | kypseli | athens | 2019

[un]known destinations chapter II: shell // the politics of being | 21 artists | 15th athens high school | kypseli | athens | 2018

[un]known destinations chapter I | 7 artists | former zarifi residence | kypseli | athens | 2017

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